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About US!

A little more about Nan and Joe!
And our Awesome Media Kit!

Who Are Nan and Joe?

Author: Nan Arkwright


Nan remembers the moment she decided in third grade that she wanted to work with children. As a pediatric occupational therapist, she gets to do that.  In her work, she has learned a lot about meltdowns and tantrums. So she wrote this book so kids and parents can share a story about big feelings and so parents can help children take control of their own rocket ships.

Fun fact #1: She remembers watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon in 1969.

Fun fact #2: Nan has a Red Point Siamese cat named Talullah who sleeps by her side while she writes. Look for her in the next series with Joseph and Gretchen, Badges of Power!

Fun fact #3: She likes pizza, chocolate, outdoor sports, stories, dogs and cats. 

Illustrator: Joe Bauman


Joe has an imagination so big, he’s able to bring levity to a deep topic through his colorful, engaging illustrations in Mission: Control! A Big Feelings Adventure!

A multimedia artist and illustrator with more than 25 years of experience, Joe has built his computer graphics expertise on both the artistic and production side. With deep roots in production at PDI/Dreamworks, he is as well versed in his talent as he is in the ability to collaborate with creatives in all fields.

Fun fact #1: He speaks Spanish fluently and is currently learning Italian!

Fun fact #2: He plays bass! (Not lately due to time constraints, but hopes to get back into it soon and learn guitar as well. And the mandolin...that's another goal.)

Fun fact #3: He loves working out, studying the Bible, and cooking/eating Mexican food!

Our Media Kit!

Click on the book cover to download our media kit PDF.

Lots of great information about us and how to contact us for interviews.

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