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Spaceman Sam's Club For Grown-Ups!

Welcome to Spaceman Sam's Club for Grown-Ups!

We’re eager to share fun and educational information that will enhance your experience when reading the story. Each time you read it, you will discover new messages, new levels of understanding, and new ways to guide your child through the challenges of life. It’s truly a book to be read over and over by you and by your child.


Articles included here are meant to inspire, encourage, and support you. They will bring deeper understanding of the book and how you can use them to build skills your child will use for a lifetime.

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In Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure!, Gretchen co-regulates with Joseph and as a result, he is able to choose a button on his gauntlet that helps him calm enough to think about what step he should take next to gain control of his Big Feelings. He chose Breathe, which made his head stop feeling funny. I have invited my clients to create their own gauntlets that they can use if they need to do something that feels like too much. They decide which buttons will help them calm so they can solve the problem. They also draw a picture of their future selves doing what’s expected and note how that would feel.

These activities can be done for a variety of situations, age groups, and settings. Some

lend themselves to fun, some to writing stories, some to discussion, some to drawing.

All are intended to help children explore who they are, to find their inner strength to do

hard things, and to grow smarter and stronger brains.

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Gaunlet Activity

Parent Power Packs


I hope you enjoy reading these Parent Power Packs, chock full of information to enhance your reading experience. I wrote them so that any reader, not just parents, could benefit from the information, but I just liked the sound of Parent Power Packs and it was easy to abbreviate in my notes (PPP). The information is relevant to healthcare professionals, teachers, parents and any reader who cares for a child. 


I also wrote them to spark interactions among readers. I’d love to hear from you, know what’s on your mind, what you think of the information, how you’re using it in your daily life, how your child is responding, and most of all, I’d love to see work from your child showing how their brain is growing and stories from you about how the information is helping you grow!


Don’t forget to check out my blog, Spaceman Sam’s Club for Kids, galleries and fun and educational information and activities – all on this website.

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