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Spaceman Sam's Club For Kids!

Welcome to Spaceman Sam's Club for Kids!
We're so happy you found us. This is a happy zone where we share about Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure!

You'll find activities, posters, downloads, videos, fun facts and more right here. Also, check out other kids’ work that has been posted. We think you’ll love what you find.

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Did you miss our live reading of

Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure! on National Read Across America Day on March 2nd? Click on the rocket to watch it.

We had our Official Launch Party on

April 13, 2021. It was a lot of fun! If you missed it, click on the rocket to watch it.

Did you know?


1. Robojo got his name by combining Robot and Joseph.


2. Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure! was almost called Go for the Grit!


3. It took more than a year to write this book and hundreds of revisions.


4. Spaceman Sam was not originally part of the story. He got added in after the story was already written.


5. The pictures of Gretchen in the TV room were made by real 6 year old kids.


6. Gretchen is a real dog with a BIG personality. She is a rescue dog and lives in Alaska. You can follow her on Instagram at gretchen_ak_trailmutt.


7. We spent a lot of time deciding when Joseph’s bedtime would be. (Did you notice what time it is on the clock in the TV room?)


8. Did you find all the Sam-isms listed on the last page of the story?


9. The Green HypnoZoids originally only had 2 eyes. 


10. The HypnoCable is what the Green HypnoZoids shoot out of the HypnoTron and squeezes Joseph and Robojo .


11. Gretchen doesn’t get caught in the HypnoCable because she stayed in control when it was time to go to bed.


12. W.I.L.L. Power also stands for “we’ll” do it together.


13. The poster of Perseverance is a nod to the 2021  rover lunar landing on Mars.


14. The dragon pictures on Joseph’s wall will be in a future book.


15. After the battle with the HypnoZoids, Robojo, Joseph, and Gretchen all stand in the same way to show they got in control of their big feelings.

Joseph's Gauntlet

Who Doesn’t Love buttons?


Click on the link above to download the PDF with information about how to design your own gauntlet!

Would you like to see more examples of how other fans are designing their own gauntlets?

Click here!


Tomorrow Poster

Who Doesn’t Love Imagining?


On the back of your poster, write or draw something you imagine yourself being able to do  in the future.

How will you do that?

What will you tell yourself?

What do you think it will feel like once you can say, “Mission Accomplished!”?

(just like Joseph did)


Robojo Head Coloring Page

Who Doesn’t Love Robojo?!


Joseph's alter-ego! He feels everything Joseph does with Joseph's haptic suit.

What is Joseph feeling right now? Can you draw it on Robojo's face?


Gretchen Coloring Page

Who Doesn’t Love Gretchen?!


Create your own Gretchen, just like in the story.

Decorate her with markers, stickers, crayons, or other craft materials.

Color or paint her. Draw her with some clothes on, if you would like.

Cut her out or ask an adult to help you.

On the lines  at the bottom of the page, write or draw how she can help you feel in

control of your big feelings.

Now you are ready to ask Gretchen to help you handle a Big Feeling, just like Joseph!


Spaceman Sam Coloring Page

Who Doesn’t Love Spaceman Sam?!


Spaceman Sam has his official colors. Do your best to bring his colors back. Design another background for his newest adventure!

Where will Spaceman Sam share his

Sam-ism's next?!


Discover a world of fun and learning with our free activities. Each activity offers opportunities for kids to develop important skills while having a blast. Whether it's creative writing, just for fun, fine motor skills, art, or reinforcing valuable messages, our activities are designed to spark creativity and foster growth

By doing these activities together, families can extend the learning beyond the book and apply these skills in everyday life. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your child's development while having fun.

Download your freebies now!

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Summer Worksheet Activities Gallery

At-Home Art: Inspired By The Book

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